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Our Services

Milling and Paving

Milling and Paving

Our crews have over 20 years’ experience performing tasks such as; bituminous cold milling, asphalt paving, concrete sidewalk & curb work.

Sewer Work

Sewer Work

The installation of our city’s complex sewer system is the cornerstone of our companies business model. Our list of clients include, but not limited to the New Yok City Department of Design and Construction, Department of Environmental Protection, and New York City Department of Transportation.

Water/Trunk Main

DiFazio Industries has over 20 years’ experience installing some of the city’s most complex trunk main and distribution systems. We have performed various water main work for clients such as the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Design and Construction, Turner Construction and Prismatic.

Wetland Remediation

Using Best Management practices (BMP) we have become a leader in innovating new ways to control storm runoff, all while keeping the environment’s health and sustainability a priority.

Underground Utility Work

DiFazio industries has been Verizon’s premier master contractor in Brooklyn for over 30 years. The installation and maintenance of Verizon’s facilities have lead us into ventures with other clients such as Consolidated Edison, National Grid and Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable).

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It is our priority to perform top quality work in the safest, most economical manner. Safety, efficiency, reliability and courteousness is what you can expect along with your project being completed on time and within budget.